St. Roch Community Partners is a non-profit organization founded to operate the St. Roch Market as a public market for the benefit of the neighborhood and the city of New Orleans. Individual vendors of locally sourced produce, meat, seafood, dairy, and staples will be selected based on their ability to provide an affordable alternative to existing options. Vendors will be regularly assessed based on their quality and pricing.

What's Happening?

January 2014:
Thanks to everyone who attended our public meeting in December. We've added an addendum to our written plan to address some of the questions raised during the meeting. We have also prepared an open letter from SRCP in response to questions about the affordability of our proposed fresh foods market.
We have submitted our proposal to the city. Thus far we have received no response, no feedback, and no indication as to when we might hear something.
The New Orleans Building Corporation will ultimately decide the fate of the market.
SRCP will continue building on the foundations of our plan for a neighborhood fresh foods market, and resume community engagement, if & when we receive a favorable indication of some kind from City Hall.

For a description of our plan, please refer to our business plan. For more information, please contact us at